Applied Mechanics


Product Description

Product Code : AB104


To determine the moment of inertia of an irregular body about an axis passing through its center of gravity and perpendicular to its plane by dynamical method. It consists of an aluminum disc of approximately 6” dia with a groove and having three masses in it. It can be suspended by a steel wire provided at the center of a long frame work provided with circular base, which is also fitted with leveling screws.


Product Description


Product Code : AB105

Consisting of a brass Disc about 15 cm diameters, 6mm thick size with arrangement for clamping a split chuck without wall bracket.


Product Code : AB106

It consists of a solid brass rod of length 30cm and diameter 1.5cm, with center split chuck for clamping and suspending


Product Code : AB107

All metal, the upright has a concave top. A metal ball and aluminium sheet piece is placed on it. A sudden blow with spring actuated striker causes the sheet to slide from under the ball which has no time to gain horizontal momentum, but drops into the concave top of the stand. It is used to explain first law of motion